By Colosus and Jees
March 22, 2000

Date: December 1998
Time: Late Evening
Place: Eugene, Oregon; Dynamix HQ

After months of beta testing and bug fixes Sierra's Quality Assurance finally approves the latest Release Candidate for what will soon become the greatest Multiplayer game of 1999. TRIBES, a game of skill, teamwork and thinking. TRIBES was released to the Warez scene within 24 hours of Release to Manufacturer. Soon after that, Dynamix servers were getting a few stragglers that everyone knew were just Warez users (myself included).

From those limited beginnings Tribes grew to be one of the most popular Multiplayer only games to date. It now has a following of over 10,000 players and that continues to grow. Even from that late night release the wheels of ideas were turning inside the developers heads. "TRIBES 2" was all they could think about. That brings us to date.

In just a few months TRIBES 2 will be released to the public in a fury of excitement. No longer will the Tribes series be known as a "sleeper hit". TRIBES 2 contains what will surely make it the best game of the new Millennium. Air vehicles, land vehicles, water, multi-layered sky, lightning, wind, 512x512 textures, 32-bit color, 5 separate tribes and the list goes on.

Hopefully in this preview we can inform you of these new features and get that adrenaline flowing. So sit back, relax and prepare for a ride through TRIBES 2 land. Don't forget to check out the new screenshots. Thanks to Dynamix for all the information they have provided.

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