IRC Interview with Mark Frohnmayer

This is the log from the IRC Chat with Mark Frohnmayer, a.k.a. "Got Milk?", which was held on April 4, 2000.
The interview was held in #tribes2players.com on irc.dynamix.com:6667 at 7:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time, on was a huge succes!
Almost 100 ppl were present, ready with questions for the TRIBES 2 Lead Programmer. The chat was held in two windows, one with the Mark Frohnmayer and the Admins asking the questions, and another with the spectators who send Private Messages to the Admins with questions for Mark.

I have used some individual coloring for Mark and the Admins( Jees, [Inq]Colosus and [Inq]Inquis-DS), to ease up your read. Mark Frohnmayer = GotMilk-Dev

Enjoy! Its very informative and amuzing stuff !

[19:20] [Inq]Colosus: In case y'all missed it
[19:20] GotMilk-Dev: so uh, any questions?
[19:20] [Inq]Colosus: A-N = Colosus
[19:20] [Inq]Inquis-DS: we can reditribute who asks what if there is a flood to one asker
[19:20] [Inq]Colosus: O-Z = Jees
[19:21] *** {FSC}Piranha has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[19:21] [Inq]Colosus: Tags = Inquis
[19:21] [Inq]Colosus: First, Mark why don't you introduce yourself.
[19:21] [Inq]Inquis-DS: Why don't we have Mark say anything he feels like too to asnwer common expected questions =)
[19:21] GotMilk-Dev: I'm Mark Frohnmayer, programming lead on Dynamix's Tribes and Tribes 2.
[19:22] [Inq]Colosus: *all together* Hi Mark
[19:22] GotMilk-Dev: Howdy
[19:22] Hi Mark
[19:22] [Inq]Colosus: Is there anything you would like to state before taking questions
[19:22] [Inq]Inquis-DS: yo
[19:22] -leadZERO- your away is on...
[19:22] *** [Inq]Inquis-DS is now known as [Inq]Inquis
[19:22] -> -leadzero- thanks
[19:22] GotMilk-Dev: Um, if you haven't bought Tribes 1 yet, do it now =)
[19:23] [Inq]Colosus: :-)
[19:23] [Inq]Colosus: Ok then, we'll start
[19:23] [Inq]Colosus: Will vehicle-mounted weapons have a limited supply of ammo?
[19:23] [Inq]Inquis-DS: Col -> Jees -> me repeat
[19:23] GotMilk-Dev: Probably
[19:24] GotMilk-Dev: It really depends on how they test out during beta.
[19:24] Jees: What effect will flipping a vehicle have? Will it explode, roll back over, or what?
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[19:25] *** Bytor sets mode: -o PartyLine
[19:25] GotMilk-Dev: Depends on how hard you hit - if the vehicle takes enough damage it will explode, otherwise it will roll.
[19:25] [Inq]Inquis-DS: <]S3[DeathHavoc> I'm just asking for a solid (or approximate if not solid) beta test date. I have heard spring, but I want something more specific. =D
[19:25] GotMilk-Dev: Tough =)
[19:25] [Inq]Colosus: heh
[19:25] [Inq]Colosus: my question is:To what extent will tribes2 use the T&L instructions(only alittle bit like quake3 or a lot like evolva?)
[19:25] *** yay is now known as ]S3[Sepultura
[19:26] GotMilk-Dev: We take full advantage of any card that has on-chip T&L - we're using the full OpenGL transformation and lighting pipeline.
[19:26] Jees: How do you plan to deal with potential player misconduct over real time voice cha (RTVC)t? With Roger Wilco you can kick someone, but you can't see when which person is speaking (if someone is being abusive) when, and you can't mute someone.
[19:26] GotMilk-Dev: You'll be able to tell who is speaking, and by default voice will be off.
[19:27] GotMilk-Dev: So it'll likely only be used in tourney matches, or with trusted friends.
[19:27] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (note to all wait till one question is asked of yours before queueing another, or it will be lost)
[19:27] [Inq]Inquis-DS: <[Inq]Vaine> ASk him when the skinning and other tools will be released please?
[19:27] GotMilk-Dev: We don't have a release date for the tools yet.
[19:27] [Inq]Colosus: to gm - "How do the new terrain effects, ie quicksand affect gameplay, and what role do they play in the game?"
[19:28] Col, can i post 1 quick that i got?
[19:28] GotMilk-Dev: Each environmental hazard generally imposes some disadvantage on the person affected by it -
[19:28] -> -Dark-Demon[Inq]- NO SHHHHH!!!
[19:28] GotMilk-Dev: quicksand slows you down, lightning zaps your energy, etc.
[19:28] GotMilk-Dev: That said,
[19:28] GotMilk-Dev: the environmental hazards are (with the exception of lava),
[19:28] GotMilk-Dev: non-lethal... we wanted the players, not the environment to do the real damage.
[19:29] [Inq]Inquis-DS: DD go ahead with your ?
[19:29] [Inq]Colosus: He is on my list Inquis. Let him wait.
[19:29] [Inq]Inquis-DS: ok
[19:29] [Inq]Inquis-DS: Jees =)
[19:29] Jees: I've seen lots of mention recently about "revolutionary community enhancements" in Tribes 2, including integrated support for Tribe web pages and Tribe tags. I see this as being *extremely* important. C'mon guys, what are you holding back?! Can you offer us some additional info?
[19:30] GotMilk-Dev: It's going to be very cool =) It will just make the creation/joining of tribes, as well as communication between members MUCH easier.
[19:30] Jees: Can you be more specific ?
[19:31] GotMilk-Dev: Basically, think of all the tools you normally use when dealing with tribes and tribe members, and picture them all in the game.
[19:31] [Inq]Colosus: Including IRC?
[19:31] *** [IE]-WarNipple is now known as LONG_LIVE_IE
[19:31] GotMilk-Dev: We are planning on supporting WON chat instead of IRC this time around...
[19:32] * [Inq]Colosus cries
[19:32] GotMilk-Dev: though it will be fairly easy for scripters to put together an IRC gui in the game.
[19:32] [Inq]Inquis-DS: What has Skiing in Tribes 2 been limited to For Lights..Mediums..And Heavys?
[19:32] GotMilk-Dev: We're still tweaking with the player movement and it's likely that the balancing we do during beta will have a large effect on skiing...
[19:33] GotMilk-Dev: we're definitely planning on toning it down for heavys at least.
[19:33] *** LONG_LIVE_IE is now known as [IE]-WarNipple
[19:33] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (note this answer applies to a lot of questions, beta = balancing)
[19:33] [Inq]Colosus: Regarding AI, How will the AI compare to some of the better AI as we have seen in games such as Unreal Tournment or dumb AI from say Doom?
[19:34] GotMilk-Dev: Much more along the lines of UT - the bots will basically be able to play the games with you.
[19:34] GotMilk-Dev: Attack, defend, cap flags, etc.
[19:34] Jees: Can you sit bag and enjoy a fight with bots only ?
[19:34] GotMilk-Dev: Yes
[19:34] * Jees cant believe it
[19:34] [Inq]Inquis-DS: <{FSC}El_Mariachi> What kind of hours do you work while hammering out this game- what do you do to relieve stress?
[19:35] GotMilk-Dev: It depends, during crunch time I'm here every day for 12+ hours - but that schedule is pretty hard to maintain.
[19:35] GotMilk-Dev: Normally I work 10-6:30 6 days a week, though it varies.
[19:35] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (we'll sned you a pizza! *g*)
[19:36] [Inq]Colosus: Whats the Status of the Linux Client and Server for Tribes2?
[9:36] GotMilk-Dev: Not being worked on right now...
[19:36] [Inq]Colosus: *gasp*
[19:36] GotMilk-Dev: heh
[19:37] Jees: In the latest PC Gamer, in the article on Tribes 2, it briefly refers to curved surfaces. Will Tribes 2 support true curved surfaces (mathematically modeled curves), or will they just be high poly count psudeo curves?
[19:37] GotMilk-Dev: We're doing the server at least, but we're not working on it right now =)
[19:37] *** Astro is now known as DamnYOU
[19:37] GotMilk-Dev: waiting for the Win32 to get a bit more stable.
[19:37] GotMilk-Dev: but don't worry!
[19:37] [Inq]Colosus: :-)
[19:37] [Inq]Colosus: we lub j00 mark
[19:38] GotMilk-Dev: Tribes 2 doesn't support curved surfaces.
[19:38] [Inq]Inquis-DS: <{BK}PyroTeknik> If missiles are guided by shield (the ones fired by the new weapon) you should be able to turn your shields off, so the missile won't be able to track you, but if you turn your shields off, you'll be more vulnerable to rocket turrets (which are guided by jets, not shields) . It keeps some balance and makes scouts just as fragile as in Tribes. So, will we be able to turn them off ?
[19:38] GotMilk-Dev: Some of the art is "curvy" though
[19:38] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (try to keep em more concise theen that from now on everyone!)
[19:38] [Inq]Colosus: Whoa there Inquis. Slow down. :-)
[19:38] GotMilk-Dev: uh, we haven't decided exactly how the missiles will be guided.
[19:39] *** Jaguar is now known as Jag|AFK
[19:39] [Inq]Colosus: Whats with all these ramps and (almost like) halfpipes and stuff i have been seeing in pictures and movies?
[19:39] GotMilk-Dev: The ramps are a creation of our level designers who were tired of seeing new players unable to jet up towers =)
[19:40] [Inq]Colosus: HAHAHA
[19:40] Jees: :)
[19:40] [Inq]Colosus: Sorry [19:40] * [Inq]Inquis grins
[19:40] GotMilk-Dev: Basically the geometry is curved to get you where you're spos to go.
[19:40] heh
[19:40] *** Crou|GotMilkQ0wnzMe is now known as ROFL
[19:40] Jees: In tribes 1.. their was a very fine balance between many things.. It all fit together very well.. Something most mods ruined.. Are you being extremely careful that, in tribes 2, it's not just an unbalanced MOD with wicked graphics and other kool features?
[19:40] *** ROFL is now known as CroutonZ
[19:40] GotMilk-Dev: Um... we're really shooting for imbalance this time...
[19:40] [Inq]Colosus: heh
[19:41] GotMilk-Dev: er, not.
[19:41] *** [E5]_FuFu is now known as [E5]FuFu|EatinNutz
[19:41] Jees: :)
[19:41] [Inq]Inquis-DS: =p
[19:41] Jees: oh
[19:41] heh
[19:41] GotMilk-Dev: =)
[19:41] [Inq]Inquis-DS: How esy would it be to import new models ? Will you provide any tools ?
[19:41] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (? backlog at 12, just be patient everyone)
[19:41] GotMilk-Dev: Yes, we want T2 to be a very balanced game, and we're being careful about it... it's going to be tougher given the new weapons and vehicles though.
[19:41] GotMilk-Dev: We will be releasing the MAX plugin, as well as the file format for the shapes.
[19:42] [Inq]Colosus: Sweet
[19:42] thats cool
[19:42] [Inq]Colosus: Ok, before I ask my question.
[19:42] [Inq]Colosus: Only send 1 question at a time
[19:42] [Inq]Colosus: We will ignore anything over 1
[19:42] [Inq]Colosus: Question: Will there be new animations?
[19:43] GotMilk-Dev: Yes, there are many new animations. In fact all the animations are new animations =)
[9:43] Jees: Will there be bots for all game modes(duelling bots etc) ?
[19:44] GotMilk-Dev: We'll see... our first priority is CTF, but the bot code has been designed with all the game types in mind.
[19:44] [Inq]Inquis-DS: <[LMS]frick> How will performance be on a Voodoo3? Will T&L help out significantly on the GeForce?
[19:44] *** |OB|BJork has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[19:45] GotMilk-Dev: Performance is going to be acceptable on a V3 - definitely won't be able to crank everything up, but it will be playable.
[19:45] [Inq]Colosus: I'm the lead on a mod for Tribes2 called ShellShock (shock.tribes2players.com). One of my biggest concerns about making a mod for T2 are the player animations. As you know, in Tribes1 it was almost impossible to edit player animations without a full motion capture suite. Is this going to change in Tribes2? If so, will they be editable through 3d studio max?
[19:45] GotMilk-Dev: The rendering architecture of T2 is very scaleable - it's unlikely that even GeForce users will want to run at full detail
[19:45] [Inq]Colosus: Doh!
[19:45] [Inq]Colosus: Sorry
[19:45] GotMilk-Dev: np=)
[19:46] * [Inq]Inquis goes out to get a Geforce 64meg DDR
[19:46] [Inq]Colosus: heh
[19:46] GotMilk-Dev: Animations will be editable through max - all of our non-mocap animations are made in MAX
[19:46] * Dark-Demon[Inq] mutters something about just getting a geforce
[19:46] *** [IE]-WarNipple is now known as V5_6000
[19:46] GotMilk-Dev: heh, it'll run great on a GeForce, don't get me wrong...
[19:47] Jees: Will there be a demo released before or near the release date for T2?
[19:47] GotMilk-Dev: We're still working out plans for the demo - the exact timing has yet to be determined.
[19:47] *** CroutonZ is now known as PlzYes
[19:47] [Inq]Inquis-DS: <[IE]-WarNipple> will there be a beta sign up sheet like Diablo 2?
[19:48] *** PlzYes is now known as CroutonZ
[19:48] GotMilk-Dev: I don't know what the beta plans are... but beer's always a good way to move up the list :)
[19:48] [Inq]Colosus: hah
[19:48] *** Anguish|OT| is now known as CanadianBeerGood
[19:48] GotMilk-Dev: er... sending beer that is.
[19:48] * [Inq]Colosus nudges Mark "Don't forget my hand delivered half rack"
[19:48] *** V5_6000 is now known as [IE]-WarNipple
[19:49] Jees: will there be a better point system that rewards base repairers and defense specialists? If so, how ?
[19:49] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (nich changes will result in immediate kick from now on - stop it)
[19:49] *** DieHard|gaming is now known as SdB|DieHard
[19:50] GotMilk-Dev: We're definitely planning on retooling the scoring system (depending on mission type)
[19:50] GotMilk-Dev: But a lot of that will depend on feedback we get during beta.
[19:50] [Inq]Colosus: from the screen shots, it doesnt look like the terrain promotes vehicle travel very much, will there be a lot of craggy levels that don't allow very good vehicle travel?
[19:50] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (did we get order mixed up a second there?)
[19:50] *** Dark-Demon[Inq] is now known as DD-Away
[19:50] [Inq]Colosus: Yes Inquis
[19:50] [Inq]Colosus: You are next
[19:50] Jees: hehe
[19:50] * [Inq]Inquis nods
[19:50] GotMilk-Dev: Some missions will have quite rough terrain and will be more appropriate for flying vehicles...
[19:51] GotMilk-Dev: we'll also have a bunch of missions that will have flatter areas for the wheeled vehicles.
[19:51] [Inq]Inquis-DS: <]CkB[Cowboy> Will T2 Include some sort of Script / Hud API like Presto created for Tribes (simple functions to make/clean up Huds, event triggers, etc)? Or will we (scripters) have to make one ourselves?
[19:51] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (18 ?'s in line)
[19:52] [Inq]Colosus: Good question CB
[19:52] GotMilk-Dev: Yes, there will be an easy api for script creation of HUDs (both on the client and the server), as well as easier hooks for text message events.
[19:52] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (Col up to you - Writer wants a room invite)
[19:52] -irc.dynamix.com:@#tribes2players.com- [Inq]Colosus invited Writer into the channel.
[19:52] *** Writer has joined #tribes2players.com
[19:53] *** ]CkB[Cowboy is now known as heh
[19:53] *** heh is now known as ]CkB[Cowboy
[19:53] [Inq]Colosus: will custom skins be aloud for mission types other than death match
[19:53] *** SadiStick has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[19:54] *** CanadianBeerGood is now known as Anguish|OT|
[19:54] GotMilk-Dev: Skins will likely behave the same as in Tribes 1 - in team games you get the team skin, otherwise you get the custom skin - that said, there are 2 new individual games, hunters and rabbit, and both will have custom skins allowed.
[19:54] Jees: <[LMS]Fubar> Hey ask him about proxy'ing out games to tv, so we can watch matches please. like quake tv.
[19:54] Jees: Interresting!
[19:55] GotMilk-Dev: This would be a very cool feature to add, we'll just have to see if time allows for it.
[19:55] [Inq]Inquis-DS: <[PSS]Rifter> Cool. Here is a question.... (mainly it is because we are getting a TON of this one...) If someone wants to bribe you with some brews... where do they send them?
[19:55] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (cue the Millrace address *g*) [19:55] *** Disconnected
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[19:56] *** Now talking in #tribes2players.com
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[19:56] [Inq]Inquis-DS: hmm Jees go - we will alternate till col gets back -
[19:57] [Inq]Colosus: DOH!
[19:57] [Inq]Colosus: :-)
[19:57] [Inq]Inquis-DS: oops
[19:57] [Inq]Colosus: Anyone that had a question to me, resend
[19:57] [Inq]Colosus: On many of the original maps the bases were close together and the large map was not used. Are the designers going to use more the of the map for levels in Tribes 2?
[19:57] [Inq]Colosus: Greatest apologies, Alt-F4 is not the same as Ctrl-F4
[19:57] GotMilk-Dev: heh
[19:58] *** [Inq]Maddog has left #Tribes2Players.com
[19:58] GotMilk-Dev: Yes - we won't have huge areas in the mission that are outside the normal play area.
[19:59] Jees: What do you think of initiatives like TsN and WSBN which now shoutcast big matches and community info to hundreds of people on a regular basis? Any plans to allow the mirroring of matches so that lots of people can observe, or at least to really improve observer mode to facilitate in-game commentary?
[19:59] [Inq]Colosus: QuakeTV!
[19:59] *** z2-Teflonatron is now known as WSBN|Tef
[19:59] =)
[20:00] *** Evansbee has left #tribes2players.com
[20:00] [Inq]Colosus: Mark?
[20:01] [Inq]Colosus: I think he died
[20:01] GotMilk-Dev: I think they're very cool... Whether or not we will implement client broadcast remains to be determined, but the observer camera will at least be much improved, and we are planning on some cool commentary stuff.
[20:01] GotMilk-Dev: sorry =0
[20:01] [Inq]Colosus: Oop
[20:01] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (first an admin ?: how late do you want to go Mark?)
[20:02] GotMilk-Dev: I can go for a while still... probably take off in 45 mins or so.
[20:02] [Inq]Inquis-DS: k
[20:02] [Inq]Inquis-DS: <[SS-12]ThatGUI> About the lightning...how much of an effect will that have? Will it kill people? Actually hit them?
[20:02] Jees: Cool!
[20:02] *** {BK}PyroTeknik has quit IRC (DN.Quit: Leaving)
[20:02] GotMilk-Dev: Yes it will hit them, no it won't kill them (at least not directly) - but it will be a severe disadvantage to be struck by lightning.
[20:02] [Inq]Colosus: Aww I thought it would give super strength
[20:03] [Inq]Colosus: *sigh*
[20:03] [Inq]Colosus: Could you explain a little about flight dynamics? Not sure how easy this would be to answer. :)
[20:03] Mar, Just wanted to mention (with Colusus's aproval) that I made a mod (InEyes MOD) for Tribes 1 that gave first person observer view. it was actually a very simple script to do but people just didn't figure it out
[20:03] er Mark, oops
[20:03] [Inq]Colosus: Bah Kahlua dies now
[20:03] GotMilk-Dev: heh
[20:03] *** V|PeR has quit IRC (DN.Quit: °ShowDowN v10 PrO° Is HERE: http://www.sci.fi/~showdown/)
[20:03] *** Zoidberg has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:03] *** Acous has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:04] [Inq]Colosus: Go ahead with Fireblade's ?
[20:04] *** KoPoT has quit IRC (DN.Quit: xxxxxx ¥ The Fort™ 1.6 ¥ xxxxxx )
[20:04] GotMilk-Dev: Um the flight dynamics are going to be force-based this time, so it will feel much more realistic...
[20:04] [Inq]Colosus: We will continue without anymore interuptions from the peanut gallery
[20:05] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (note: prior interviews atating things like fliers will be effected by strong winds and such)
[20:05] GotMilk-Dev: not sure exactly what you were asking for on that one.
[20:05] Jees: Will you be able to play TRIBES 2 using a joystick ?
[20:05] GotMilk-Dev: if you really want to.
[20:05] [Inq]Colosus: heh
[20:06] [Inq]Inquis-DS: =p
[20:06] * [Inq]Colosus can see the disgusted look
[20:06] Jees: Would be cool with the vehicles!
[20:06] GotMilk-Dev: Yes, it will be cool with some of the vehicles.
[20:06] *** pimpnBKG is now known as thanx-jees
[20:06] [Inq]Inquis-DS: <[Inq]Smay> Will there be anything to prevent people from going out of bounds for such things as sniping and placing inventory stations?
[20:06] *** thanx-jees is now known as pimpnBKG
[20:06] GotMilk-Dev: No - the boundary only affects mission objectives.
[20:07] [Inq]Colosus: Will client side scripters have any extra information available to them that was previously hidden in Tribes1?
[20:07] *** [LMS]frick has quit IRC (DN.Quit: Leaving)
[20:07] *** Deathtrap has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:07] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (its pronounced 'ink' Kahlua *g*)
[20:07] [Inq]Colosus: haha
[20:07] * [Inq]Inquis grins
[20:08] GotMilk-Dev: Client side scripts will have access to just about everything except the state of the simulation world...
[20:08] GotMilk-Dev: so you still won't be able to write autoaim.cs.
[20:08] Jees: Will there be an island type levels where the boundry is "endless" water?
[20:08] [Inq]Colosus: I use Writer's Autoaim. That is why I am so r33+
[20:09] Jees: (Question by [GKV]Slamscape)
[20:09] GotMilk-Dev: Some missions will be surrounded by water, yes.
[20:09] *** LiquiDBlazE has quit IRC (DN.Quit: is that a mortar in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?)
[20:09] *** eik|food has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:09] Jees: Endless ?
[20:09] GotMilk-Dev: um, not endless though =)
[20:09] Jees: :)
[20:09] [Inq]Inquis-DS: <]S3[DeathHavoc> Are you planning to make the focus of non-CTF maps bigger? (Such as how CTF is the dominant league in Tribes 1)
[20:10] *** Rayn has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:10] [Inq]Colosus: BTW for those of you that don't know Kahlua is doing a r33+ broadcast on WSBN of this very chat. WITH A SOUNDTRACK!
[20:10] *** GreatOne has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:11] GotMilk-Dev: I think the main focus of the community is still going to be CTF (because that's what everyone knows) but we're also fixing our other game types to be more fun.
[20:11] GotMilk-Dev: And we're adding a new team game that should be a blast.
[20:11] [Inq]Colosus: are heavies going to be harder to kill off, now that HO isn't going to be as fast
[20:12] -Flea- Hello, I'd like to come into the channel #Tribes2players
[20:12] *** |iN|Scourge has left #tribes2players.com
[20:12] *** |_OSG_| has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:12] -> -flea- good for you
[20:12] [Inq]Inquis-DS: good ?
[20:12] -Flea- .com =)
[20:12] -> -flea- we are full
[20:12] GotMilk-Dev: Don't know yet... that'll be determined as we balance the armors/vehicles/weapons.
[20:13] GotMilk-Dev: Unlikely that they'll get much tougher though.
[20:13] *** {FSC}El_Mariachi has left #tribes2players.com
[20:13] *** [LMS]Fubar has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:13] Jees: Will "volumetric" fogging still be as effective on lower end PC's that must have graphic features toned down? Pretty interresting as fog will affect gameplay very much...
[20:13] *** S|RC-ehfk has quit IRC (DN.Quit: RC just clicked the X in the corner........)
[20:13] *** [KoV]LordKermit has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:13] -Flea- awe cmon
[20:13] -> -flea- negatory good buddy
[20:14] -Flea- why not?
[20:14] GotMilk-Dev: The fog doesn't require any extra beefiness on your machine than the T1 fog... er well a little extra, but not much...
[20:14] -> -flea- cause I don't like you ;-) Seriously we are full
[20:14] [Inq]Inquis-DS: What kind of beer does the dev team drink?
[20:14] GotMilk-Dev: but if you have the terrain detail turned way down it may look a little funny.
[20:15] Jees: ("..." means; More to come)
[20:15] [Inq]Colosus: :-)
[20:15] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (yup - hit enter by accident)
[20:15] [Inq]Colosus: The danish man speaks out
[20:15] Jees: hehe
[20:15] [Inq]Colosus: w00t go jees
[20:15] GotMilk-Dev: The dev team drinks primarily microbrews - Deschutes Brewery or Rogue are preferred...
[20:15] *** Deathtrap is now known as Evansbee2
[20:15] [Inq]Colosus: from the pics we've seen, there are a lot of deep valleys, if you said newbies can't get up to base because it's not curved enough :) how the heck are they gonna get up those valleys if they fall in? =)
[20:16] GotMilk-Dev: Mirrorpond pale ale and Obsidian stout are personal favorites.
[20:16] [Inq]Colosus: *sigh*
[20:16] Jees: hahha
[20:16] [Inq]Colosus: Now you got him talking about beer. I think the night is over. He'll never stop
[20:16] GotMilk-Dev: heh
[20:16] [Inq]Colosus: ;-)
[20:16] *** BadAss is now known as thisistocool
[20:17] [Inq]Colosus: dE - chutes (as in Chutes and Ladders)
[20:17] *** thisistocool was kicked by [Inq]Inquis (nick switch)
[20:17] *** fedelio has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:17] GotMilk-Dev: Some maps will be more difficult to move around in than others, but the armors will still have impressive traction.
[20:17] * [Inq]Inquis puts on his Myrmidon Cleats
[20:18] [Inq]Colosus: heh
[20:18] *** [LMS]Fubar has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[20:18] *** drak\away has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:18] [Inq]Inquis-DS: Jees?
[20:18] [Inq]Colosus: seeJ?
[20:18] Jees: Sorry, phone :)
[20:18] -Flea- can you ask him for me what he thinks about scripts? Like the chaingun script and jump script. Does he think that they are "cheats" or useful addons?
[20:18] Jees: Damm RL
[20:18] [Inq]Colosus: how will someone choose to be a bioderm? when theyre setting up their character, at a inv.. ?
[20:18] Jees: How often do the Dynamix crew "pop in" to irc? How frequently do you/the others play? And when you do get around to playing, do you smurf?
[20:18] [Inq]Colosus: Doh!
[20:18] Jees: HM!
[20:19] * [Inq]Colosus cowers in the corner from the wrath of the Drunken Danish master
[20:19] *** SdB|DieHard has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:19] *** DieHard{SDB} has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:19] [Inq]Inquis-DS: If they visit IRC much they are very good smurfs =)
[20:19] [Inq]Colosus: heh
[20:20] *** XxyxX is now known as Please_stop_talking_about_beer
[20:20] [Inq]Colosus: Good song Kahlua
[20:20] *** Please_stop_talking_about_beer is now known as and_ask_real_questions
[20:20] [Inq]Colosus: Inquis.....
[20:20] =)
[20:20] [Inq]Colosus: Regulate please
[20:20] *** DieHard{SDB} is now known as SdB|DieHard
[20:20] *** and_ask_real_questions is now known as bye
[20:20] GotMilk-Dev: bueller?
[20:20] *** bye was kicked by [Inq]Colosus ([Inq]Colosus)
[20:20] *** [Inq]Colosus sets mode: +b *!*@mask-21880.ucla.edu
[20:20] *** [LMS]Fubar has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:20] yeah heh
[20:20] [Inq]Colosus: Ok enough
[20:20] [Inq]Colosus: Back to the questions. look what you have done Kahlua
[20:20] [Inq]Colosus: :-)
[20:21] [Inq]Inquis-DS: Mark still with us?
[20:21] [Inq]Colosus: In mind, but not spirit
[20:21] *** SdB|DieHard has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (Nick kill enforced)))
[20:21] *** [SS-15]ZaDar has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:21] * [Inq]Colosus waits fro Mark to lag out
[20:21] [Inq]Colosus: fro!
[20:21] GotMilk-Dev: Bioderms will be selected like gender, but in team games you will play as the race of the team you're on.
[20:22] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (note: GM at 60 sec plus lag)
[20:22] [Inq]Colosus: Ouch
[20:22] GotMilk-Dev: Some of the Dev team hang out on IRC... but almost all of us still play tribes regularly.
[20:23] [Inq]Colosus: I saw Jett and Pestilence last night
[20:23] [Inq]Colosus: :-)
[20:23] [Inq]Inquis-DS: <{BE}Anti> Will ground vehicles be able to leave the ground? Like driving up the side of a hill and launching into the air for a brief moment when you reach the top.
[20:23] GotMilk-Dev: I play mostly as Got Milk? on Kidney Thief's Hunters server or Ping Pong.com
[20:23] *** Bullseye has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:23] *** DieHard{SDB} has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:24] [Inq]Colosus: Ping Pong.com W00t!
[20:24] -[E5]FuFu|EatinNutz- Your ping reply is: 0secs !¡!¡! Jewel of Arabia ¡!¡!¡ v3.1 by MissBlueEyes !¡!¡! includes all ArabChat Commands ¡!¡!¡ download it today at http://www.JewelofArabia.com !¡!¡!
[20:24] *** DieHard{SDB} is now known as SdB|DieHard
[20:24] GotMilk-Dev: sure am.
[20:24] [Inq]Colosus: ??
[20:24] GotMilk-Dev: ?
[20:24] [Inq]Colosus: Nevermind
[20:24] [Inq]Colosus: :-)
[20:25] *** GotMilk-Dev has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[20:25] *** gimmecookie has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:25] [Inq]Colosus: Mark: first -- hats off man, you guys have created something really special. Way to go! :) My question: who is our best contact on the T2 dev team for technical script-related requests/suggestions/etc?
[20:25] [Inq]Colosus: DOH!!!!
[20:25] [Inq]Colosus: Now we wait
[20:25] *** Bytor sets mode: +v Bytor
[20:25] he gonna be able to get back in?
[20:25] [Inq]Colosus: Yes
[20:25] k
[20:25] [Inq]Colosus: I have 21 questions in the Queue, Writer is next
[20:25] [Inq]Inquis-DS: Damn you Peer - Damn you to hell!
[20:26] [Inq]Inquis-DS: 17 in chute
[20:26] * [Inq]Colosus dances to Kahlua's funky music
[20:26] [Inq]Inquis-DS: He is back
[20:26] [Inq]Colosus: Play that funky music white boy
[20:26] [Inq]Colosus: Nick?
[20:26] *** pimpnBKG is now known as does_the_dev_team_like_heiniek
[20:26] [Inq]Inquis-DS: GotMilk-Dev
[20:26] *** [Inq]Inquis sets mode: +i-l
[20:26] [Inq]Inquis-DS: invite
[20:26] *** does_the_dev_team_like_heiniek is now known as heinicken
[20:26] -irc2.dynamix.com:@#tribes2players.com- [Inq]Colosus invited GotMilk-Dev into the channel.
[20:27] *** GotMilk-Dev has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:27] *** [Inq]Colosus sets mode: +o GotMilk-Dev
[20:27] *** [Inq]Inquis sets mode: -i+l 100
[20:27] [Inq]Colosus: w00t he is back
[20:27] [Inq]Inquis-DS: Justice will always triumph over peer!
[20:27] *** heinicken is now known as does-the-dev-team-like-heineck
[20:27] [Inq]Colosus: Now for Writer's Question. (the evil canadian autoaim writer
[20:27] [Inq]Inquis-DS: Col reask your Writer ?
[20:27] *** [KoV]LordKermit is now known as [KoV]KermiSLEEP
[20:27] [Inq]Colosus: Mark: first -- hats off man, you guys have created something really special. Way to go! :) My question: who is our best contact on the T2 dev team for technical script-related requests/suggestions/etc?
[20:27] *** Punisher is now known as can_inq_people_shutup
[20:28] *** does-the-dev-team-like-heineck is now known as pimpnBKG
[20:28] *** can_inq_people_shutup was kicked by [Inq]Colosus ([Inq]Colosus)
[20:28] *** [Inq]Colosus sets mode: +b *!*@63-225-221-74.customers.uswest.net
[20:28] GotMilk-Dev: Probably me.
[20:28] Jees: What exactly are you integrating to enable newbies easier access to clan recruitment?
[20:28] *** Zoidberg has quit IRC (DN.Quit: mmmmm laxatives...)
[20:29] *** {FSC}El_Mariachi has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:29] *** [KoV]KermiSLEEP has left #tribes2players.com
[20:29] *** {ask}Casanova has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:29] *** WSBN|Tef is now known as z2-Teflonatron
[20:30] welcome back
[20:30] ack, sorry
[20:30] *** Bytor sets mode: -v Bytor
[20:30] * [Inq]Inquis hands Mark some coffee
[20:30] GotMilk-Dev: Basically a tribe admin can click a user's name in the game, follow a link and click invite to join...
[20:31] GotMilk-Dev: the newbie then will receive a message about that invitation and be allowed to join or decline.
[20:31] *** pimpnBKG is now known as WILL_THERE_BE_TEXTURE_COMPRESS
[20:31] [Inq]Inquis-DS: thats recruiting ez
[20:31] [Inq]Colosus: Is there a way to disable that for those already in Tribes?
[20:31] *** WILL_THERE_BE_TEXTURE_COMPRESS is now known as pimpnBKG
[20:31] *** pimpnBKG was kicked by [Inq]Inquis (nick flick)
[20:31] GotMilk-Dev: Yes
[20:31] *** Flea has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:31] [Inq]Inquis-DS: <[LMS]frick> Will the net performance (ping) be comprable to Tribes? If not, will it be worse or better?
[20:32] GotMilk-Dev: It should be slightly better, especially for connects with high packet loss.
[20:32] [Inq]Colosus: What kind of steps are the mission designers trying to aviod standoffs seen on IceRidge or the like?
[20:32] GotMilk-Dev: No buildings with only one entrance :)
[20:32] [Inq]Colosus: :-)
[20:32] [Inq]Inquis-DS: whoo!
[20:33] GotMilk-Dev: Seriously, all of our buildings have been designed from the start with stalemate prevention in mind.
[20:33] *** [Inq]LadyJade-FD[0wn] has left #tribes2players.com
[20:33] *** S|RC has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:33] Jees: will there be multiple server query capabilities such as ...only Base servers playing Broadside or excluding all mods...?
[20:34] Jees: Would be nice
[20:34] GotMilk-Dev: Yes... and you won't have to ping all the servers - only the ones that are playing the game type you want.
[20:34] *** DD-Away has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:34] *** pimpnBKG has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:34] [Inq]Inquis-DS: what's the deal with rumors that top clans will get to register nicks first ? :)
[20:34] * [Inq]Colosus is cracking up over Kahlua
[20:35] Jees: (I wanna listen to Kahlua too! help)
[20:35] topic in #wsbn Jees, the connect addy for Winamp =)
[20:35] GotMilk-Dev: I don't know, I haven't heard any rumors about that :) We basically don't want people scooping up nicks of the better know Tribes 1 community members...
[20:35] [Inq]Colosus: *cough*Colosus*cough*
[20:35] GotMilk-Dev: how we're going to implement that as policy has yet to be determined.
[20:35] *** |_OSG_| has quit IRC (Dead Socket)
[20:36] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (I only heard they will protect big board posters and other 'personalities')
[20:36] *** OmniBUDDHA[LAG] has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:36] *** OmniBUDDHA[Tribes2] has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:36] *** Londoner has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:36] [Inq]Colosus: Question from [BOFH]Nimitz: Are you going to make any gameplay enhancements to help enforce the need for teamwork in public games, rather than the current effect of a bunch of people doing their own thing?
[20:37] *** DamnYOU has quit IRC (Client exited)
[20:37] *** SdB|Andy has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:37] *** DEbig3 has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:37] GotMilk-Dev: We're adding some really cool communication enhancements in-game that will make it easier for people to work as a team effectively...
[20:37] *** Quatermain has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:37] GotMilk-Dev: but we aren't going to force anyone to be a team player.
[20:37] GotMilk-Dev: Obviously those who play as a part of the team will be much more effective.
[20:38] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (just like current games in pubs vs tribe games)
[20:38] *** Draconix is now known as Drax|sl33p
[20:38] Jees: I guess this is a questions for Sierra, but will TRIBES 2 ship at the same time in "all" countrie, due to the Global ID reg. ? I mean, it would be unfair if ie. USA got the game 3 months before I ie. Denmark (me). Then all the cool nicks would be taken !
[20:39] *** WRX_STi_TypeR is now known as shithappens
[20:39] *** Londoner is now known as yesitdoes
[20:39] GotMilk-Dev: I am unsure of the launch plans... I think a simultaneous worldwide launch would be cool though. Also, the nickname space will be huge - you won't have much trouble finding a nick you like.
[20:40] GotMilk-Dev: hopefully =)
[20:40] *** shithappens was kicked by [Inq]Colosus ([Inq]Colosus)
[20:40] *** DEbig3 has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:40] [Inq]Inquis-DS: <[IE]-WarNipple> "How many different maps will there be?"
[20:40] Jees: right
[20:40] *** yesitdoes was kicked by [Inq]Colosus ([Inq]Colosus)
[20:40] *** Lord_superMarket has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:40] GotMilk-Dev: You could be GotMilk
[20:40] GotMilk-Dev: Got Milk?
[20:40] GotMilk-Dev: Got Milk
[20:40] GotMilk-Dev: G0T M!LK
[20:40] GotMilk-Dev: etc.
[20:40] Jees: J ees
[20:40] Jees: cool :)
[20:40] GotMilk-Dev: course ya can't actually be Got Milk? cuz that'll be me :)
[20:41] Jees: :)
[20:41] GotMilk-Dev: There will be "lots" of maps. We won't know for sure for a while.
[20:41] GotMilk-Dev: We're shooting for 50.
[20:41] [Inq]Colosus: Whoa!
[20:41] * [Inq]Inquis boggles
[20:42] GotMilk-Dev: Course we may hit 5... depends on our aim.
[20:42] GotMilk-Dev: ;)
[20:42] -Flea- how many nicks will we be allowed?
[20:42] * [Inq]Inquis keeps the beer away so GM can count straight
[20:42] -> -flea- don't notice me with questions, but it is one account 5-7 game nicks
[20:42] [Inq]Colosus: will cirtain armor functions(comand screen, zoom, jet pack) be effected by damage? ie: you get damaged your zoom function doesn't work.
[20:43] GotMilk-Dev: No... though vehicles will likely have some damage/control effects.
[20:43] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (oh yea thats what we need - 5 ppl all with the same name but all looking like hax0r typers =p)
[20:44] Jees: is it possible to make tunnels using the terrain editor?
[20:44] GotMilk-Dev: Not using the terrain editor alone -
[20:45] GotMilk-Dev: you can punch holes in the terrain then connect the holes with a tunnel building though.
[20:45] Jees: Cool
[20:45] [Inq]Inquis-DS: the halo community is compairing the halo hummer to the t2 buggy...and saying that the buggy is a blaitent ripoff, what do you have to say about this, and do you see much if any of a competitive market with bungie?
[20:45] GotMilk-Dev: Uh, we had the T2 buggy in the E3 demo last year before HALO was even announced :)
[20:45] *** Not^Affiliated^PuwWuw has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[20:45] *** PapaSnuff has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:46] [Inq]Colosus: will you be allowed to assign multiple buttons to the same control like you can with UT? For instance you can use both the mouse and the joystick for movement, but just switch to the joystick for vehicle maneuvers and back to the mouse for normal movement... that'd be kewl
[20:46] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (I was going to say I remember the tank back on tribseplayers in Aug 98)
[20:46] *** SdB|DieHard is now known as DH|away|too_sexy_for_halo
[20:46] *** Caliber has quit IRC (DN.Quit: Leaving)
[20:46] *** Velocity has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:46] *** Flea is now known as [FTM]Fleabot
[20:46] *** eik|food is now known as TFr_EiKoO
[20:46] GotMilk-Dev: That's definitely something you'll be able to do in script, whether we allow it from the shell remains to be seen.
[20:47] Jees: On a team with 32 players, (real time voice chat) RTVC might get chaotic. Will an interface be provided where clients can flexibly connect to each other separate from the host to form their own channels, perhaps from the command screen? (Or perhaps have the command screen list joinable RTVC servers being run by players on that game server, and then give any RTVC host control over their own channel?)
[20:47] Jees: (by SP)
[20:47] GotMilk-Dev: all the voice in the game will go through the game server, but there will be multi channel support -
[20:48] GotMilk-Dev: so your offense can be on one channel, defense on another, etc.
[20:48] [Inq]Inquis-DS: <]S3[Sepultura> are you planning to copy any of the T1 maps to T2? if not will it be easy for us to?
[20:49] GotMilk-Dev: We're not planning on it... but it would be pretty easy to do so... or at least create a reasonable approximation of a Tribes 1 map.
[20:49] [Inq]Colosus: will ground based vehicles be much faster than air based ones?
[20:49] GotMilk-Dev: But when you have the editor tools in your hands you probably won't want to ;)
[20:49] GotMilk-Dev: Too early to say... and it will likely depend on the map.
[20:50] *** Weyrik is now known as blarf
[20:50] Jees: <[GKV]Slamscape> ok heres a good one, How easy will it be for people to download custom maps off a game server?
[20:50] *** blarf is now known as Weyrik
[20:50] Jees: If possible that is
[20:51] GotMilk-Dev: Very easy... the terrains will auto-download, and any custom building art will be a click away.
[20:51] *** STFU_Sirrion has quit IRC (DN.Quit: Leaving)
[20:51] *** [SS-13]DaWolf has joined #Tribes2players.com
[20:51] [Inq]Inquis-DS: <[SS-12]ThatGUI> Any idea on an approximate cost for Tribes2? The normal $40ish range, or significantly up or down?
[20:51] GotMilk-Dev: You can get the discount box by sending me $20 directly... just kidding :)
[20:52] [Inq]Colosus: heh
[20:52] GotMilk-Dev: I really have no idea.
[20:52] [Inq]Colosus: Will Tribes2 be lag friendly or will it become a bandwidth hog like quake3? Also are you going to increase the number of players per map?
[20:52] * [Inq]Inquis likes this music
[20:53] GotMilk-Dev: It should be a better net play experience than Tribes 1... and we are shooting for more players per map... exactly how many will be determined at the end of our optimization phase.
[20:53] GotMilk-Dev: (I'm hoping for 64+)
[20:54] [Inq]Colosus: w00t
[20:54] Jees: When your in the fog will you be able to see out of the fog? How far can you see in some deep valey fog ?
[20:54] * [Inq]Inquis imagines dune buggies everywhere *g*
[20:54] GotMilk-Dev: Depends on how much fog you're looking through...
[20:55] GotMilk-Dev: it's totally customizable by the mission maker.
[20:55] [Inq]Inquis-DS: quickie ? from myself then the real one: fog still planned to dissipate laser damage?
[20:55] *** DH|away|too_sexy_for_halo is now known as SdB|DieHard
[20:55] GotMilk-Dev: Don't know... probably not.
[20:55] [Inq]Inquis-DS: <[Inq]Smay> Will there be alternate firing abilities on weapons, like those in Unreal Tournament where you can have a slower shooting but more powerful weapon, or a faster shooting but weaker weapon?
[20:55] GotMilk-Dev: No alt-fire.
[20:56] GotMilk-Dev: Tribes already has too many keys to learn :)
[20:56] *** Drax|sl33p is now known as Drax
[20:56] [Inq]Colosus: We all know the minimum system requirements to play T2, but what would you REALLY recommend we use to enjoy the game as it was intended?
[20:56] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (thanks Kahlua, got it right *g*)
[20:56] *** TW-Ratorasniki has left #tribes2players.com (Hey Mark, send TW-Imposter a phone # of a brewery you want us to ...)
[20:56] GotMilk-Dev: An Athlon/Willamette 1.5 GHz with a 128MB NV15 or Voodoo5 :)
[20:56] *** TopCat has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:57] Jees: oh
[20:57] [Inq]Colosus: hehe
[20:57] GotMilk-Dev: Basically, the faster the better
[20:57] * [Inq]Inquis robs a silicon valley fab plant for his next 'puter
[20:57] GotMilk-Dev: same as any game.
[20:57] *** [SS-12]ThatGUI has quit IRC (DN.Quit: You'll get further with a kind word and a gun than with a kind word alone.)
[20:57] Jees: When and how will the BETA sign up work and will TRIBES IE like ETF be able to beta and set up beta servers like in T1?
[20:57] *** Munger has joined #tribes2players.com
[20:57] GotMilk-Dev: but it will definitely be very playable on today's hardware...
[20:57] GotMilk-Dev: it'll just scale up well as your machine gets better.
[20:58] GotMilk-Dev: Tribes will be able to set up beta servers, but I have no idea how the sign up is going to work.
[20:59] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (last beta there were client testers and a small beta server corps)
[20:59] [Inq]Inquis-DS: <[PSS]Kelster> Could you ask what prompted the decision to drop watercraft?
[21:00] *** Drax is now known as Drax|sl33p
[21:00] *** S|RC is now known as S|RC-afk
[21:00] * [Inq]Inquis slaps WSBN|Kahlua|OnAir around a bit with a large trout
[21:00] [Inq]Colosus: Kahlua is gonna die
[21:00] GotMilk-Dev: We still haven't determined exactly how the land vehicles will behave with water, but we never did plan on water only vehicles.
[21:00] [Inq]Colosus: Could you speak elaborate a little more on the topic of LAN and internet play? At our local (small (8-12)) LAN parties sheer size was always a problem, but then a plethera of warriors on a server can hamper performance for slower connection users. What types of modifications, or say improvments, will there be for smaller games and slower connections
[21:01] GotMilk-Dev: We're going to have a wider variety of maps - some will be appropriate for teams of 4-6 people, some will be appropriate for teams of 32...
[21:01] *** [E5]FuFu|EatinNutz is now known as [E5]_FuFu
[21:01] GotMilk-Dev: Also, the engine has been enhanced to allow many more players in view at once (dynamically scaling mesh detail as needed)
[21:02] GotMilk-Dev: so event large numbers of players won't kill your framerate...
[21:02] GotMilk-Dev: also the net code improvements should allow modem players to experience larger games without as many problems.
[21:02] Jees: Will there be an improvement the weapons so their the high pinger (HPB) vs. the Low pinger (LPB) is more evened out. ex. The chaingun gives a noticable advantage to LPB's
[21:03] GotMilk-Dev: All the weapons will be balanced with ping in mind, especially the chaingun.
[21:03] [Inq]Colosus: No!!!!!!
[21:03] [Inq]Inquis-DS: {BE}Anti Will ground vehicles be able to leave the ground? Like driving up the side of a hill and launching into the air for a brief moment when you reach the top.
[21:03] * [Inq]Inquis my poor T3 is going to be neutered! =p
[21:03] GotMilk-Dev: that said, the sniper rifle will still be an instant-hit weapon.
[21:04] [Inq]Colosus: whoo hoo
[21:04] GotMilk-Dev: Yes, ground vehicles (esp the scout) will be able to catch some serious air.
[21:04] [Inq]Inquis-DS: woohoo!
[21:04] * [Inq]Inquis is now known as Evil Kneavil
[21:04] Jees: Are we talking Stunt Car Racer style here ?
[21:05] GotMilk-Dev: Yup.
[21:05] [Inq]Colosus: Are you going to fix up the prediction code at all? (no more dreaded fakies, non registering mid airs) And if not for all the weapons, i'd like to request you fix my plasma : O
[21:05] Jees: Wow!
[21:05] *** [E5]_FuFu has quit IRC (DN.Quit: nutz=ghey mortar spam)
[21:05] *** SmokingMan has joined #tribes2players.com
[21:05] GotMilk-Dev: The prediction code is a trade-off... but this time around we'll likely fix it so you don't see explosions that didn't happen...
[21:05] GotMilk-Dev: at the expense of seeing them later.
[21:06] GotMilk-Dev: I can do about 3 more questions then I gotta head home.
[21:06] Jees: OK
[21:06] [Inq]Colosus: rgr
[21:06] *** TFr_EiKoO has quit IRC (DN.Quit: Leaving)
[21:06] *** FlyingDutchman has joined #Tribes2Players.com
[21:07] [Inq]Colosus: Jees: You are up
[21:07] *** pimpnBKG has quit IRC (DN.Quit: Leaving)
[21:07] *** Piximan has joined #tribes2players.com
[21:07] Jees: Can you say something about the improved sound system in TRIBES 2 ?
[21:07] Jees: Will it be true 3D audio etc ?
[21:07] *** MuRDeR has quit IRC (DN.Quit: Leaving)
[21:07] GotMilk-Dev: Yup.
[21:07] * [Inq]Inquis listens since he has a Vortex2 board
[21:08] [Inq]Inquis-DS: <[Inq]Vaine> What is the deal with the nick registration? How does it affect the smurfing folks among us? You know people like Col and Maddog?
[21:08] [Inq]Colosus: Bah!
[21:08] * [Inq]Inquis grins
[21:08] *** Cid|FaceS has joined #tribes2players.com
[21:09] GotMilk-Dev: You'll still be able to log into some servers under an "alias" if you want to (and the server operator allows it), but you'll be able to tell who's smurfing and who isn't.
[21:09] [Inq]Colosus: Is D&D still going to be included in T2? The following for T1 D&D has gotten stronger in the past few months, and we are all looking forward T2 D&D
[21:09] [Inq]Colosus: Last question
[21:09] *** KineticPoet- has left #tribes2players.com
[21:10] *** fedelio has left #tribes2players.com
[21:10] [Inq]Inquis-DS: (I have no truly unanswered questions left anyway)
[21:10] *** Bytor sets mode: +v Bytor
[21:10] *** FSB-SPY has left #tribes2players.com
[21:10] Jees: (Im totally flooded)
[21:10] GotMilk-Dev: We're still working on the game successor for D&D - it will definitely have a strong resemblance - we just want to fix some of the problems with the mission type... but for those who love D&D we will (try very to) not dissappoint.
[21:10] [Inq]Colosus: Well I would like thank Mark for showing up and answering our questions. I really appreciate it. Thanks from us all at Tribes2players.com

A big wet one goes to Mark Frohnmayer !!!
I would like to thank all the ppl who showed up - It was a blast !
And thx Kahlua for covering the event Live on WSBN ! Great job.


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