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Final Round!
For Your Eyes Only!
Red Battlefield
Wallpaper Heaven!
Urban Decay
IRC Server Move
Whos the best?
The Merger Is Done!
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Traduction Française
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Jun 27, 19:49
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Mar 24, 15:42
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Mar 24, 15:42
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Wednesday, February 07, 2001

Final Round!   
Posted 12:44:27 AM (Pacific Time) - by BigPappa   
Voodoo Extreme is holding the final round for the best development company and Dynamix is holding on to 4th place. Lets give them the boost they need to hit #1
Voodoo Extreme

Tuesday, February 06, 2001

For Your Eyes Only!   
Posted 11:53:21 PM (Pacific Time) - by BigPappa has put up a new screen shot for your eyes only. I think they rehashed this one from the archives, all the screen shots are starting to look the same.
Tribes 2
Screen Shot
Download Fullsize Version

Red Battlefield   
Posted 12:48:59 PM (Pacific Time) - by BigPappa   
This sounds like another total conversion for Tribes2. Red Battlefield was going to be a Quake3 mod but do to some restrictions on the Q3 engine the Red Battlefield team has moved the mod over to Tribes2. Click on the title link for more info on the mod.
Red Battlefield

Monday, February 05, 2001

Wallpaper Heaven!   
Posted 8:13:43 AM (Pacific Time) - by BigPappa   
Silent Kill from BigPappa's Place sends word that BigPappa's Place will be accepting Tribes wallpapers.Stop by BigPappa's Place to see the submission information requirments.So get your paint programs fired up and send in your Tribes Wallpaper.
BigPappa's Place"

Sunday, February 04, 2001

Urban Decay   
Posted 4:29:34 PM (Pacific Time) - by BigPappa   
A new hosted site over at Planetstarsiege. Urban Decay, a post nuclear mod for Tribes 2. They have some model design images to look at and some news about whats going on with the mod.
Urban Decay
Source: Planetstarsiege

IRC Server Move   
Posted 3:38:02 PM (Pacific Time) - by Beren   
Bytor has informed people that the irc server will being moved to a new location. No data will be lost in the move.. but irc will be down for a few hours to a day while they move the server. This is likly to happen on the 15th.

Friday, February 02, 2001

Whos the best?   
Posted 6:08:32 PM (Pacific Time) - by Beren   
VE has a vote going on who is the best Game developer... and due to Tribes and Tribes 2 being the best games ever go here and vote for Dynamix!

The Merger Is Done!   
Posted 8:45:10 AM (Pacific Time) - by BigPappa   
The team over at has finaly moved into thier new home as of today. Reaver, Rafterman and thier team are now known as TribesCenter. Give them guys a look and say hi while your at it.


Monday, January 29, 2001

T2 Screen Of The Week   
Posted 11:24:38 AM (Pacific Time) - by BigPappa   
Its Monday and has a new screen shot of the week up.
Screen Shot
Download Full Size

Sunday, January 28, 2001

Traduction Française   
Posted 11:57:25 PM (Pacific Time) - by Beren   
Si vous êtes français ou de langue française, vous pouvez maintenant lire l'entrevue récente que Dave G a faite dans l'cIrc. Voyez-le chez Tribes Attack. Sorry pour mon mauvais Français.

T2 on Linux Safe   
Posted 5:13:21 PM (Pacific Time) - by Beren   
Just a follow-up to the story that was posted earlier today about one of the Loki guys quiting and leaving the Tribes 2 Linux port. Michael Vance (the guy who was working on the Linux port) posted in the VE forums stating "Sam Lantinga is now maintaining the port, what little there is left to do on it." So, the future of Tribes 2 Linux seems safe.

(Dave G also posted that the linux port was in no danger.. guess the forum he said this and you win a nice ripe bannana :) )

Tribes 2 Linux   
Posted 9:15:54 AM (Pacific Time) - by BigPappa   
Michael K. Vance has leftLoki software, he was in charge of porting Tribes 2 to Linux for Dynamix. Did Loki Software find someone new to port Tribes 2 over to linux? Or will this be the end of Tribes 2 for linux?


Saturday, January 27, 2001

Sparkplug: Fruit For Thought   
Posted 12:21:03 PM (Pacific Time) - by Sparkplug   
Looks like we're having a bit of a column weekend! In his most recent column, Sparkplug talks about a situation in the Tribes community that puzzles and frustrates him, and he gives a scathing indictment of unjust deeds.

Read The Column

Colosus: Trust   
Posted 10:22:39 AM (Pacific Time) - by Sparkplug   
In the latest staff column (it's under the wrong category), Colosus tells about trust online, and how someone close to his team turned out to not be who they said they were. A very good read.

Check it out!

Friday, January 26, 2001

Dave on Beta   
Posted 7:09:44 PM (Pacific Time) - by Beren   
He said this in TW forums:

2) The numbers of testers *have* been reduced because we don't need 1000 accounts opened up with only 50 people actually actively participating (as we had in the first test).

3) The testers will be chosen (please note the "will be") based on several criteria, including active participation (we definitely want the folks that participated heavily last time), time zone consideration (to allow big games to be created), country (for login and keyboard testing), and system specs (to specifically target some problem systems). There are other considerations, but that's the big ones.

We're there 24/7

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